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Tula Pink introduces Everglow and Neon True Colours

Everglow began as a collection of neutrals and evolved into a complete collection of radical colors designed to add depth to Tula Pink's world of fabrics.

When Tula began designing this collection, she searched for something new to say about color that would still live within her world. However, the soft, earthy colors alone wouldn’t stand up to her standard colors, so she decided to pair them with the loudest color she could create on cloth – neons.

Each neon is paired with a corresponding neutral in a light, medium and dark. Tula added four large focal prints in two colors to tie them together. The animals of the Everglow collection are represented in a more accurate color palette and a contrasting color palette that is otherworldly!

The result is eight mini color palette collections that merge to create an oasis of rainbow goodness in unexpected combinations. Watch the video to learn more from Tula about Everglow and Neon True Colors! 

View the collection catalog for Everglow & Neon True Colors by Tula Pink: